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How much does it cost to install a Goalrilla basketball hoop?

How much does it cost to install a Goalrilla basketball hoop?

$400 to $600
Professional installations should generally range anywhere from $400 to $600 from beginning to end. Especially if you are working with an installation company or local contractor, be sure to get a couple different quotes before committing to a purchase.

Can you replace a Goalrilla backboard?

We go to great lengths to make sure we send the proper replacement backboard. The model number of the goal is the best way to verify which backboard you need. It can sometimes be found on the back of the pole near the crank handle. It can also be found on the front of your owner’s manual.

Can you replace the base of a basketball hoop?

PROBASE replaces the plastic base on all types of portable basketball hoops. It is compatible with all poles on the market, regardless of their shape or size. Once you remove the base, insert the pole directly in PROBASE.

How far should a basketball hoop be from the driveway?

Look for approximately 2 feet to 4 feet of overhang for the best balance of safety and performance. A basketball hoop with an overhang of 5 feet or more can compromise performance because the weight of the glass backboard will increase shake in the system.

Does Goalrilla make goaliath?

Goaliath basketball hoops are made by the same company that manufactures Goalrilla basketball hoops/systems.

How long does it take to install an in ground basketball hoop?

Each part of the installation process only takes an estimate of about 1-2 hours to complete. The longest part of the whole installation process is just waiting for the concrete to cure. The anchor system requires at least 72 hours to cure.

Do Goalrilla hoops shake?

After a shock to the goal, some units will violently shake for up to a minute before coming to a rest. STBLZR Technology returns the hoop to its static, resting position quickly, allowing players to maximize practice time and stay focused on skill development.

Can you hang on a goalrilla goal?

Goalrilla goals are designed to take your best slam, jam or dunk, and other activities common to the game of basketball. Hanging on the rim is unsafe and not recommended. Be sure to understand the guidelines for proper use and keep your warranty in effect.

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