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How thick do basement walls need to be?

How thick do basement walls need to be?

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Soil Type Sand Clay
Minimum Wall Thickness (4500 psi concrete)
(Wall 8’0″ high with 7’4″ of backfill) 6 inches 8 inches
(Wall 9’0″ high with 8’4″ of backfill) 8 inches 10 inches
(Wall 10’0″ high with 9’4″ of backfill) 8 inches 12 inches

What is the minimum thickness required for a structural plain concrete foundation wall?

ACI-318 limits plain concrete wall thickness to a minimum of 7-1/2 inches; however, the International One- Two-Family Dwelling Code (ICC, 1998) permits nominal 6-inch-thick foundation walls when the height of unbalanced fill is less than a prescribed maximum.

How thick should a stem wall be?

The minimum actual thickness of a load-bearing masonry wall shall be not less than 4 inches (102 mm) nominal or 33/8 inches (92 mm) actual thickness, and shall be bonded integrally with piers spaced in accordance with Section R606.

How thin can concrete walls be?

Thin-Shell and GFRC Thin-shell wall panels consist of a thin, outer-wythe of concrete typically ranging between 1.5 and 3 inches in thickness.

How thick do foundations need to be?

The depth of concrete you need will depend on the use: footings for extensions, for example, will need to be at least 200mm thick, while around 100mm should be deep enough for a shed base.

How thick should poured concrete basement walls be?

In general, poured concrete basement walls that are 8 feet tall or less and have no more than 7 feet of soil pressing against them from the outside function well at a thickness of 8 inches. When a taller wall or a higher level of soil or both come into play, the thickness should increase to 10 inches.

Is rebar required in foundation walls?

Rebar Placement in Walls The cover required is 2 inches for foundation walls, or walls exposed to weather, and 1 1/2 inches for walls that aren’t exposed. Horizontal spacing for #4 rebar is a minimum 2 feet, within 12 inches of the top and bottom of the wall.

How tall can basement walls be?

Basement Height The standard basement wall height has been eight feet for many years. Once the concrete slab is poured, the actual headroom height is only about 7′-9”. Basement ceilings are usually strewn with pipes and ductwork that serve the floor above.

How thick is a concrete basement wall?

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