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Is gold still mined at Waihi?

Is gold still mined at Waihi?

Tailings is the finely ground rock left over after precious metals (gold and silver) have been extracted. The crushed rock can be as fine as talcum powder….Waihi Operation.

Quick Facts
Type Underground and open pit
2020 production 19,775 oz gold
2021 production guidance 35,000 – 45,000 oz gold
Proven and Probable Reserves 0.62 Moz

How much gold comes out of Waihi?

These mines, (Favona, Trio and Correnso) run under much of the town of Waihi – and produce approximately 100,000 ounces of gold each year.

Who owns Waihi gold?

A rising gold price in the 1980s reignited interest in Martha from the then newly-established, Waihi Gold Mining Company, with the Martha open pit mine opening in June 1988, before being acquired by Newmont in 2002. Today, the mine is owned by OceanaGold, which bought the operation in 2015.

How deep is the Waihi mine?

600 metres
Mineralisation extends 1600 metres along strike, up to 500 metres wide, and mined to a depth of 600 metres. The Martha deposit is a low sulphidation adularia-sericite epithermal quartz vein system, associated with north-east trending faults.

How many people work underground?

Employment Characteristics, 2015

Commodity, Type of Employer, Industry Sector Underground Employees Underground FTE Employees
Coal Operator Sector 32,746 36,179
Metal Operator 6,391

Where is the most gold in New Zealand?

It is most widely distributed in Otago and the West Coast, including West Coast beaches such as Gillespies Beach, and at Orepuki in Southland. Offshore gold deposits exist off the West Coast and Otago, although prospecting has been limited by the difficulty of sampling the sea floor.

What mines are in Waihi?

The Waihi Gold Mine comprises two areas of mineralisation which are underground and open pit mining. Open pit operations are currently suspended (since 2015). The second area being the underground operations referred to as Waihi underground, comprises the two main mining areas of Correnso and Martha Underground.

Is Waihi safe?

SAFETY: Waihi Beach is one of New Zealand’s safer swimming beaches. Surf Life Savers patrol the beach in summer.

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