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Is Rode NT-USB good for podcast?

Is Rode NT-USB good for podcast?

The best option for most podcasters: Røde NT-USB Voice recordings are rich and full, with a wide signal-to-noise ratio (the amount of background noise in a recording in comparison to your recorded voice), and require little equalizing.

Does RØDE connect work with NT-USB?

Introducing RØDE Connect – Simple, Powerful, Free Software for Podcasting and Streaming with the NT-USB Mini.

Is the Rode Podcaster USB or XLR?

USB microphone
The Rode Podcaster is a USB microphone. Essentially, it’s a mirror version of the Rode Procaster, which is an XLR model. To run the Procaster, you need additional equipment (such as a mixer or digital recorder). The Podcaster, however, you can plug into your computer directly.

Are Rode mics good for podcasts?

The Rode PodMic is my favorite XLR podcasting mic under $100 (see the review). This dynamic cardioid mic has an internal pop filter and shockmount to help get the best audio quality in a simple and small package. You’ll want to get a boom arm for the best results.

Can you use Rode NT USB with Rodecaster Pro?

There are channel faders for each connected NT-USB Mini along with one each for system audio and “virtual” guests. The channel number icon is reminiscent of the physical channel buttons on the Rodecaster Pro.

Is Rodecaster Pro an audio interface?

The RODECaster Pro is also a USB audio interface, so it can connect to your computer via USB. This means you can record your podcast to the recording software of your choice and seamlessly stream live shows.

Can you use Rode NT-USB with Rodecaster Pro?

How do I make my Rode NT-USB sound better?

Adjusting the input level on a Windows computer:

  1. Open the Start menu and click on ‘Control Panel.
  2. Open the ‘Sound’ preferences from within the Control Panel. folder.
  3. Open the ‘Recording’ tab and double click on ‘RØDE NT-USB’ from the list of devices.
  4. Adjust the input level using the slider.

What kind of mic is Rode Podcaster?

The RØDE Podcaster is a dynamic, end-address USB microphone that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity, allowing recording direct to a computer without the need for an additional digital interface.

Is Rode Podcaster a dynamic mic?

The Rode Podcaster is a dynamic USB mic that delivers all the benefits of USB connectivity with the performance of a dedicated speech mic.

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