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Is there a free version of Atlas TI?

Is there a free version of Atlas TI?

ATLAS. ti is a multi-platform family of products for Desktop (Windows & Mac) and Web. Try them out – it’s free.

Is Atlas TI easy?

Pros: Atlas. ti is easy to use, and it has good functionality that allows me to run analysis on my qualitative research projects.

Can you use Atlas TI offline?

Once the account it activated, you can work offline and no further online connection is required. Please note, if you are using a seat that is part of a multi-user licence, you will blog the seat if you are offline. If you have purchased an individual license from the ATLAS.

What is the cost of Atlas TI?


License Type Description Prices
Web-Only monthly license Use ATLAS.ti Web for 30 days; subscription renews automatically. Includes the Web Version for 30 days. $10*, €9*, £8*

What is Atlas TI license?

Under the ATLAS. ti Campus Licensing model, you pay one fixed annual licensing fee for an unlimited number of users. All employees and students of the organization have access to the latest version of the software for the duration of the subscription.

What are codes in Atlas TI?

What is a code? A code in ATLAS. ti can be a simple description, a concept, a category, a subcategory, or a wildcard that modifies a link in a network. The software itself does not dictate how to use a code.

What is grounded in Atlas TI?

Density and Grounded Density shows the number of links between entities. For example, a density of 2 means the Code, Memo, or Quotation is linked to 2 other Codes, Memos, or Quotations. These links are manually applied by the researcher. Grounded shows how many times a Code has been applied.

Is Atlas TI secure?

We fully encrypt the data exchanged between your browser and ATLAS. ti Web using the latest TLS authentication, providing you with the maximum level of security available. Servers can be a weak spot when it comes to safety and data privacy.

Is Taguette free?

Taguette is a free and open-source tool for qualitative research. You can import your research materials, highlight and tag quotes, and export the results!

How do I update my atlas ti?

ti 9, please log into your account at You can either download the new installer for ATLAS. ti 22 directly (if you have a subscription license or qualify for a free upgrade) or find a button that lets you buy the upgrade for your license at a discount from our shop.

How do I activate my atlas?

Log in to your ATLAS. ti account. Navigate to License Management (the default page) and enter either the license key, or the invite code that you were given by the license owner/license manager. Click Activate License.

What are nodes in Atlas TI?

The source node is where the link starts, and the target node is where it ends: the destination to which the arrow points. Links are created either implicitly (e.g., when coding a quotation, the quotation is “linked” to a code), or explicitly by the user.

What is density in Atlas TI?

Density shows the number of links between entities. For example, a density of 2 means the Code, Memo, or Quotation is linked to 2 other Codes, Memos, or Quotations. These links are manually applied by the researcher.

What are advantages of Atlas?

Answer: Atlas’ ability to balance while performing tasks allows it to work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint. The Atlas hardware takes advantage of 3D printing to save weight and space, resulting in a remarkable compact robot with high strength-to-weight ratio and a dramatically large workspace.

Is Taguette secure?

Taguette works both on your local computer (macOS, Windows, Linux) and on a server. When running Taguette locally, your data is as secure as your computer. That means that if you can have your data on your computer, you can run Taguette with no worries.

What is thematic analysis?

Thematic analysis is a method for analyzing qualitative data that entails searching across a data set to identify, analyze, and report repeated patterns (Braun and Clarke 2006). It is a method for describing data, but it also involves interpretation in the processes of selecting codes and constructing themes.

How long is Atlas trial?

Eligible participants from the ATLAS trial, from both the oral standard-of-care and long-acting groups, must have completed the 52-week comparative phase with an ATLAS-2M screening plasma HIV-1 RNA less than 50 copies per mL.

What is Atlas TI good for?

ti Software Access. ATLAS. ti is a qualitative research tool that can be used for coding and analyzing transcripts & field notes, building literature reviews, creating network diagrams, and data visualization.

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