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Is YSL Touche Eclat foundation good?

Is YSL Touche Eclat foundation good?

That being said, this foundation does give the skin a pretty flawless look! It glides over pores and fine lines, doesn’t cling to dry patches, gives a gentle ‘lit from within’ look and also evens out skin tone – and that’s before you even reach for a concealer or any other base products.

Does YSL foundation oxidize?

It does oxidize on the skin a little so just be aware when choosing a shade, I went slightly shiny throughout the day as I usually do (but had no primer or powder) I didn’t notice it transfer on anything and it lasted really well.

Is YSL foundation good for dry skin?

If you have dry skin, you have better luck with *YSL Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow foundation. Actually, it might just work amazingly for you.

Is YSL all hours foundation good for dry skin?

Would I recommend the YSL All Hours Foundation? Yes, if you’re anything but dry – you’ll definitely love this formula.

Which YSL foundation is best for dry skin?

Dewy Finish Foundations with a dewy and luminous finish are ideal for normal to dry skin types, giving skin a healthy and radiant glow. The Touche Eclat Le Teint Crème offers a dewy finish, giving your skin a radiant glow.

What does BR mean in YSL foundation?

YSL split their colours into three categories of B, BD and BR followed by the number. The higher the number denotes the darkness of the shade. The B, BD and BR indicate their undertones. B is neutral, BD is Beige Dore (Golden) and BR is Beige radiant (Pink).

Is YSL all hours foundation good?

The foundation also has medium to high coverage and is easy to build up, but still feels very light on the skin. It also doesn’t emphasise any texture or cling to dry areas, so the overall look is very flawless and airbrushed.

Is YSL foundation paraben free?

SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients of Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation, BD35, Warm Caramel, 0.84 fl oz and found it to be 91% Top Allergen Free and free of Gluten, Coconut, Nickel, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Lanolin, Paraben, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, and Soy.

What does BD mean in YSL foundation?

YSL uses the following descriptions in all foundation shade names: B or “BEIGE” is best for neutral undertones. BD or “BEIGE DORÉ” is best for warm undertones. BR or “BEIGE ROSÉ” is best for cool undertones.

How do you match YSL foundation?

FIND YOUR TAILORED MATCH Dab the texture on the cheeks, forehead and chin, and blend using circular movements from the centre of the face outwards. Use the side for the brush to smooth the foundation onto the lower eyelids, nostril area and nose.

Is YSL foundation discontinued?

A few months ago the stocks of YSL’s ever-popular Touche Eclat foundation started dwindling and rumors immediately popped up that it was being discontinued. As it turns out it wasn’t completely nixed, but the truth was nearly as bad – it got reformulated!

How long does YSL Touche Eclat foundation last?

Touche Éclat Le Teint Foundation offers up to 24 hour breathable coverage for a truly weightless feel, and 24 hour hydration for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

How long does YSL foundation last?

YSL official says: YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation has you covered for endless nights: own the night and the day with a matte foundation for a flawless complexion, which stays put for up to 24 hours. A rich level of fine pigments means full coverage with a flawless, even finish, without a mask-like effect.

What does B mean in YSL foundation?

Is YSL foundation good for mature skin?

Yves Saint Laurent’s Youth Liberator Serum Foundation has been specially created for mature complexions thanks to its exclusive Glycanactif™ complex that provides incredible anti-ageing benefits.

How do you apply Touche Eclat foundation?

Pump two drops of Touche Éclat Le Teint into the ‘Y’ signature reservoir of the Y-Brush. Dab the texture on the cheeks, forehead and chin, and blend using circular movements from the centre of the face outwards. Use the side for the brush to smooth the foundation onto the lower eyelids, nostril area and nose.

Does YSL foundation have silicone?

Make sure that the silicone is at the end of the ingredients, which means that it has a low amount of silicone. If you would like to stick with just Yves Saint Laurent, I would advise the YSL All Hours Primer, which you can get here. I would stay with the YSL products because they are always higher quality.

Is YSL good for sensitive skin?

Enriched with a unique skincare complex, which has been dermatologically tested (and so great for use on sensitive skin types) it also has a UV filter to help shield your skin against environmental aggressors.

Is YSL all hours Foundation silicone based?

Is YSL Foundation paraben free?

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