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Should you size up or down for Birkenstocks?

Should you size up or down for Birkenstocks?

Length. Determining the length is rather easy. First, you need to figure out your length in our classic footbed (like the Arizona style). Then when trying on some of the other styles with slightly different cork footbeds or polyurethane footbeds, we would recommend going up one size from your classic footbed size.

Do you size up in Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks fit true to size, and the footbed of the shoes are guaranteed to change your life. Every Birkenstock model provides comfort and convenience, and I urge everyone who’s never worn a pair to go out and try them.

How are birkis supposed to fit?

The contours of the footbed should correspond to your own arch and the toe bar should fit comfortably beneath your toes, where your toes meet your foot. Before you stand up, look to see if there is adequate space for your feet (approx. ¼” for toes and heels, and 1/8” on the sides of your feet).

Do Birkenstocks run large small or true to size?

In a nutshell, most Birkenstock shoes and sandals run true to size. Nevertheless, there are some models that come in a smaller size than normal, such as Mayari and Gizeh. But if you are typically narrow, you will find these two styles perfectly fit.

How do I know my size in Birkenstocks?

Measure the length of your foot by standing on a flat surface with your full weight on your foot, then measure the distance from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Add 10mm to your foot length to allow your foot room to move. This will give you the footbed length you need to find your size.

How do you know if your Birkenstocks are too big?

If your toes touch the edge of the footbed or if they jut out over it, the sandal is too small. If there’s too much space at the toes and the heel, the sandal is too big. If there’s too much space at the toes and the heel, the sandal is too big.

What size should I get in Birkenstock sandals?

You can determine your Birkenstock size by adding 31 to your U.S. women’s size and 33 to your U.S. men’s size. Your feet should be able to move freely without your toes hitting the edge of the footbed.

How do I know if my Birkenstocks are too big?

Do crocs run big or small?

If as a slip-on, I’d round Down – That’s because Crocs do appear to run a tad bit large, and you could probably get a perfect slip-on fit. If you want to wear these as clogs with strap down, then you should round UP. I’m wearing my 9s as slip-ons with strap up and as a true size 9, they fit great this way.

What is a women’s size 9 in Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock Footwear Size Chart

Men’s Size Women’s Size Birkenstock Size
6-6.5 8-8.5 39
7-7.5 9-9.5 40
8-8.5 10-10.5 41
9-9.5 11-11.5 42

Do Birkenstock sizes run big?

UPDATE: After researching how Birkenstocks are supposed to fit, I learned that they do not, in fact, ” run big “. As for HOW Birkenstocks are supposed to fit, they run true to size.

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