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What are phenol degrading bacteria?

What are phenol degrading bacteria?

Numerous phenol-degrading microorganisms have been discovered, including Pseudomonas putida (Abu Hamed et al., 2004), Gliomastix indicus (Singh et al., 2008), Sphingomonas chlorophenolica (Nair et al., 2008), Bacillus brevis (Arutchelvan et al., 2006), and Cyanobacterium synechococcus (Song et al., 2009).

What is phenol degradation?

The biochemical process of phenol degradation by aerobic microorganisms includes the conversion of complex aromatic metabolites to primary C3-C4 compounds necessary for bacterial growth. Phenol is first oxidized by phenol hydroxylase into catechol.

What microorganisms are used in biodegradation?

Several microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria and yeasts are involved in biodegradation process. Algae and protozoa reports are scanty regarding their involvement in biodegradation [5]. Biodegradation processes vary greatly, but frequently the final product of the degradation is carbon dioxide [6].

Which spores can be used to degrade phenol?

Conclusion: This study revealed that Aspergillus niger, possessed greater potential to degrade phenol when compared with other fungal strains.

Is phenol biodegradable?

Phenol, or hydroxybenzene, is both a synthetically and naturally produced aromatic compound. Microorganisms capable of degrading phenol are common and include both aerobes and anaerobes.

Which is the source of phenol?

Phenol, the cresols (methylphenols), and other simple alkylated phenols can be obtained from the distillation of coal tar or crude petroleum.

Why Phenol is used as disinfectant?

Phenol is an antiseptic and disinfectant used in a variety of settings. Phenol is an antiseptic and disinfectant. It is active against a wide range of micro-organisms including some fungi and viruses, but is only slowly effective against spores.

Is phenol an organic compound?

Phenols are organic compounds which contain a hydroxyl (—OH) group attached to a carbon atom in a benzene ring.

How phenol is used to control microorganisms?

Phenol and phenolic compounds kills the microorganisms by varities of effects such as disruption of cell, precipitation of cellular protein, inactivation of enzymes and leakage of cellular materials.

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