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What are unsatisfied Judgements?

What are unsatisfied Judgements?

unsatisfied judgment means a judgment or order (by whatever name called) in respect of a relevant liability which has not been satisfied in full within seven days from the date upon which the claimant became entitled to enforce it.

How are unsatisfied judgment funds financed?

Unsatisfied Judgment Funds Explained Often, these state funds are financed by a small addition to the state’s automobile registration fee. The fund pays unsatisfied judgments up to certain, fixed limits.

What does writ of execution returned unsatisfied mean?

It means the sheriff was not able to collect any money based upon the writ of execution that was issued (e.g., by wage garnishment, bank levy). Hence, there was no deduction from the judgment amount owed.

How do I renew a Judgement in NY?

You must start a new action for a renewal judgment by purchasing a new index number and acquiring personal jurisdiction over the judgment debtor by personally serving the judgment debtor with the summons and complaint or the summons, notice of motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint and supporting papers.

What are the main factors that determine the premiums charged for automobile insurance quizlet?

What are the factors that determine the premiums charged for auto insurance?…

  • Territory.
  • Age, gender, and marital status.
  • Use of the auto.
  • Driver education.
  • Good student discount.
  • Number and types of cars.
  • Individual driving record.
  • Insurance score.

Do Judgement mortgages expire?

Creditors have 12 years from the date of the judgment order to look for enforcement orders. Enforcement orders are usually valid for one year and can then be renewed. If more than 6 years have passed since the judgment order was issued, a Leave of the court (the court’s permission) is needed to continue.

Which behavioral factor would influence the premiums of auto insurance?

Some factors that may affect your auto insurance premiums are your car, your driving habits, demographic factors and the coverages, limits and deductibles you choose. These factors may include things such as your age, anti-theft features in your car and your driving record.

How long does a Judgement last in Ontario?

6 years
Judgments. A judgment is a debt you owe through the courts due to a lawsuit. For example, if somebody sues you and you lose, then the debt may show up in your credit report. Usually this information stays in your credit report for 6 years.

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