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What is the average cost of multifocal contact lenses?

What is the average cost of multifocal contact lenses?

Cost of Multifocal Contact Lenses Multifocal contact lenses typically cost more than other types of contact lenses because they need to correct multiple vision problems at once. You can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a year’s supply of the lenses.

Are multifocal contact lenses more expensive?

The different viewing experience can make it more difficult to adjust. During the adjustment period, night time glare, hazy or shadowy vision can be an issue. Due to their complexity, multifocal contact lenses are more expensive.

How much do monthly multifocal contacts cost?

Clariti 1-day Multifocal 90 pack by CooperVision: average retail price of $80 a box for a three-month supply, about $320 annually. Extreme H2O Daily 30 pack by X-Cel Specialty Contacts: average retail price of $40 per box for a month’s supply, about $480 annually.

Which is better bifocal or multifocal contact lenses?

Bifocal contacts lenses (like bifocal eyeglass lenses) have two powers – one for seeing clearly far away and one for seeing clearly up close. Multifocal contact lenses, like progressive eyeglass lenses, have a range of powers for seeing clearly far away, up close and everywhere in between.

Are multifocal contact lenses worth it?

“Due to optical limitations, some brands of multifocal lenses may provide better near vision and some may provide better distance vision, but it can be difficult to obtain perfectly clear vision at all distances.

Are daily or monthly contacts cheaper?

How much do daily and monthly contacts cost? Daily disposable contacts are more expensive than monthlies up front. You’ll usually find them in packs of 30 (one pack for each eye) for around $30, or in packs of 90 for upward of $60 or $80. More specialized lenses for astigmatism or dry eyes are typically more expensive.

Why can’t I see distance with multifocal contacts?

Dr. Hom says that when you look at the fitting guides for most of the major contact lens manufacturers, they’re all basically the same. “If a patient has difficulty seeing distance with her multifocal lens, you lower the add.

Can I wear reading glasses with multifocal contacts?

Reading Glasses & Contacts To answer this question, in most cases it is perfectly okay to wear fully magnified or bifocal reading glasses with contacts, as no scientific research has proven it detrimental to one’s eye health. Many people who wear contacts to correct their long-distance vision prefer this option.

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