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What did Kevin Nash say about Scott Hall?

What did Kevin Nash say about Scott Hall?

“My heart is broken and I’m so very f—ing sad. I love Scott with all my heart but now I have to prepare my life without him in the present. I’ve been blessed to have a friend that took me at face value and I him.” Nash and Hall were known for their time in WWE and WCW.

Are Scott Hall and Kevin Nash friends?

The friendship between Hall and Nash is legendary. In fact, it’s hard to say one last name without thinking of the other, like Lennon and McCartney. They remain close to this day, and they will always be remembered for the impact that had on the industry when they entered WCW and revitalized the business.

When did Scott Hall and Kevin Nash join WCW?

In 1996, Nash and Hall joined WCW as “The Outsiders,” creating a storyline that they were coming to take over the business. Eventually, in a summer pay-per-view match with Lex Luger, Sting and Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan was revealed to be their surprise third member in a heel turn.

How long was Kevin Nash in WCW?

Nash’s 358-day WWF Championship reign is the longest of the 1990s. During his time in WCW, Nash became the first wrestler to defeat Goldberg and in the process ended his undefeated streak of 173–0 at Starrcade in 1998….

Kevin Nash
Spouse(s) Tamara McMichael ​ ( m. 1988)​
Children 1
Professional wrestling career

Why was Scott Hall taken off life support?

WWE Legend Scott Hall to Be Taken Off Life Support, Friend Kevin Nash Says: ‘My Heart Is Broken’ WWE and WCW legend Scott Hall will be taken off life support after experiencing serious health complications, his friend Kevin Nash announced on social media.

Who went to Scott Hall funeral?

Scott’s son Cody admitted he feels “so different now” that his dad has passed, but he vowed to continue living in his memory, as he shared a picture from the service, which was attended by other famous faces in the wrestling world including the likes of Diamond Dallas Page as well as Kliq brothers Kevin Nash, Sean …

Are Steve Austin and Kevin Nash friends?

Kevin Nash is a charming dude. Even Steve Austin, who has been great friends with the former Diesel since 1990, didn’t seem to know how…creative Nash was being with the truth during the latest ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ though.

Are Kevin Nash and Triple H friends?

Triple H and Kevin Nash go way back. They’ve been real-life friends since the 1990s, and they feuded with each other in 2003 in what was one of the most unwatchable rivalries I can remember either guy having.

Why did Kevin Nash leave WCW?

‘” Nash clarified that he was happy in WWE toward the end of his initial three-year run with the company. However, following his WWE Championship storyline with Hart, he felt WCW’s offer of a guaranteed contract was too good to turn down.

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