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What factors made dabbawala system successful?

What factors made dabbawala system successful?

Speed, precision and unfailing commitment to the job at hand – these are the defining features of the successful business model of ‘dabbawalas of Mumbai’. Catering to over 2 lakh customers, the dabbawalas deliver the lunchboxes to their destinations with clockwork regularity.

What is the business model of Mumbai Dabbawala?

Each dabbawala is an entrepreneur in his own right, responsible for negotiating prices with his own customers. The operation is linked closely to the Mumbai railway system, which sets the pace and provides a scheduling mechanism.

What is the idea behind setting up Mumbai Dabbawala company?

They belonged to different communities, and therefore had different types of tastes, which could only be satisfied by their own home-cooked meals. So, in 1890, Mahadeo Havaji Bachche started a lunch delivery service in Bombay with about a hundred men. This proved to be successful, and the service grew from there.

What is the motto of the dabbawala how do they achieve?

“No excuses” is their motto. Dedication. It took more than 100 years for dabbawalas to get the recognition they deserved. In our success-hungry world where people think of perks before performance, we should learn to uphold the dabbawalas’ high level of service and job performance.

What are the strengths of dabbawalas supply chain?

“With no technological backup, the dabbawalas have an impeccable track record of delivering the tiffin boxes with no error and thus winning total customers’ satisfaction, no strike, and with zero dispute,” added Dr Agrawal.

Which concept is the basis of success of dabbawalas?

Passion, hard work, consistency, commitment, and accuracy are some of the prerequisites required to be successful in life. It is the same success mantra that the Mumbai Dabbawalas have been following since 1890, president of Mumbai Dabbawala Education Centre Pawan G. Agarwal has said.

What principles of management do dabbawalas use?

Each Dabbawala is governed by THREE principles – Work is Worship; Customer is God, and there is no substitute for hard work.

What is remarkable about the Mumbai Dabbawala system?

Some Remarkable Facts There are 5,000 people employeed. They make 260,000 deliveries per day or almost 80 million transactions per year. The workforce is mostly only semi literate. There is no IT system and no mobile phones.

What are the unique features of Mumbai Dabbawala?

Let’s find some interesting stuff that you never really knew about the Dabbawallas of Mumbai.

  • It all started in 1890.
  • The First and only time they went on a strike was in 2011.
  • Certified Efficiency and accuracy.
  • Color Coding for identifying lunchboxes.
  • Their organisation skills were topic of research and studies.

How did the dabbawalas manage to deliver the lunches on time?

The tiffins then travel on the city’s train network where at the other end the local dabbawalas pick them up for the last leg of the journey – the lunchtime delivery, which is never late. As well as being delivered, the dabbas are also returned too.

In what way dabbawala apply logistics?

The Dabbawala picks up the Dabbas from various customers’ homes and takes it to the nearest train station, where it is sorted into various destination areas and loaded onto wooden crates.. These crates are taken by train to various stations depending on the proximity to the destination..

What are the reasons attributing to the success of Mumbai Dabbawala supply chain logistics?

4 Reasons the Dabbawala Supply Chain Succeeds While Corporate Giants Struggle

  • No over-reliance on technology. Sure, the dabbawalas are now using Web technology and SMS for orders, but for the most part this is a fairly low-tech operation.
  • Create an integrated performance chain.
  • Acute visibility.
  • Keep it simple.

What is the point of a dabbawala?

What dabbawalas do possess is the passion to do their job well and the fierce determination to make their deliveries on time. The day starts fairly early, with many dabbawalas rising at dawn to pray, exercise or enjoy other personal leisure activities.

What are the reasons attributing to the success of Mumbai dabbawala supply chain logistics?

The three main reasons for their success are as follows.

  • Supply Chain Management. Surprisingly there is no use of Information systems or technology for their Supply chain side.
  • Coding System.
  • Employees.

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