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What happened to Jandamarra?

What happened to Jandamarra?

In March Jandamarra and twenty others attacked Oscar Range homestead; a number of his party were killed and wounded, but their leader escaped through a tunnel and was succoured by Terrawarra. He was finally shot dead at Tunnel Creek on 1 April 1897 by Aboriginal trooper Minko Mick.

Is Jandamarra real?

Jandamarra (also known as Tjandamurra, and Pigeon to European settlers): a Bunuba tribe member who led a resistance against European colonists in Western Australia (lived 1873-1897).

Was Jandamarra a good leader?

Jandamarra is a legend of the Bunuba people. We remember him as a great warrior, and as a clever and courageous leader who defended our country against overwhelming odds.

How is Jandamarra remembered?

He is remembered as a Jalgangurru – a man bestowed with spiritual powers that flowed from the timeless law of country, who could disappear, transform into a bird, and shield himself from deadly weapons. Born in around 1873, Jandamarra grew up at the time when the pastoralists were first laying claim to the country.

Where is Jandamarra’s head?

The skull was put on public display in Perth – although this was later found to be that of another Aboriginal man. Jandamarra’s head had been sent to England for a private collection.

What did Jandamarra fight for?

In primary schools across Australia children are taught legend of Ned Kelly, but Bunuba kids in the Kimberley hear the legend of their ancestor Jandamarra, an outlaw who fought to save their country and people from colonisation.

Who wrote Jandamarra?

Mark Greenwood
Terry Denton

When and where was Jandamarra born?

1873, Kimberley, AustraliaJandamarra / Born

Who wrote jandamarra?

When and where was jandamarra born?

What is the story Jandamarra about?

He was Jandamarra – a man of power who could appear and disappear like a ghost. Set in the Kimberley region in north-west Australia, this is the story of a young warrior born to lead. To the settlers, he was an outlaw to be hunted. To the Bunuba, he was a courageous defender of his country.

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