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What is a composite feature control frame?

What is a composite feature control frame?

What is a Composite Feature Control Frame? A Composite Feature Control Frame (FCF) contains two tolerance zone frameworks. It is shown to be a composite tolerance because there is one geometric symbol that spans across the two frameworks.

What is composite GD?

Composite tolerances in GD define multiple levels of positional control for patterns of features. Given their multi-layered complexity, they may look very challenging at first sight. The goal of this article is to present different variations of composite tolerances and discuss their differences.

What is a composite datum?

A composite tolerance specifies two tolerances for the same geometric characteristic of a feature or for features that have different datum requirements. One tolerance relates to a pattern of features and the other tolerance to each feature within the pattern.

What is a composite feature?

An overview of the Composite Features toolset

Tool Description
Polygon Coverage To Region Converts polygons to regions in a one-to-one mapping in a region subclass.
Region To Polygon Coverage Converts a region subclass to a polygon coverage and creates an INFO table containing overlapping region information.

What is a composite profile?

A composite profile feature control frame has one profile symbol that applies to the two horizontal segments that follow. The upper segment, called the profile- locating control, governs the location relationship between the datum features and the profile. It acts like any other profile control.

What is composite profile tolerance?

Composite Profile Tolerance A composite profile tolerance provides for the location of a profiled feature and, at the same time, the control of form and orientation. This is done by doubling the height of the feature control frame that points to the feature to be controlled.

What is the use of composite profile tolerance?

A composite profile also may be used to control orientation to a larger tolerance with a refinement of size and form to a smaller tolerance in the lower segment of the feature control frame, as shown in Fig. 12-15. The upper segment governs the orientation relationship between the profile and datum feature A.

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