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What is a Paideia discussion?

What is a Paideia discussion?

Paideia Seminar is a collaborative discussion facilitated with open-ended questions about a text. It is a process taken from the basic idea of Socratic discussion. This type of discussion is structured to enhance both individual and group understanding and thinking.

What are the guidelines used in Socratic seminar?

Tips for Using Socratic Questioning:

  • Plan significant questions that provide meaning and direction to the dialogue.
  • Use Wait Time: Allow at least thirty seconds for students to respond.
  • Follow up on students’ responses.
  • Ask probing questions.
  • Periodically summarize in writing key points that have been discussed.

How would you describe a Socratic seminar?

In a Socratic Seminar activity, students help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a text through a group discussion format.

What is a Paideia seminar?

We define Paideia Seminar as a collaborative intellectual dialogue facilitated with open-ended questions about a text. In the case of the Paideia School, this can lead to the Paideia Seminar Certification, which documents the integration of the seminar into all aspects of school life.

What does the word Paideia mean?

paideia, (Greek: “education,” or “learning”), system of education and training in classical Greek and Hellenistic (Greco-Roman) cultures that included such subjects as gymnastics, grammar, rhetoric, music, mathematics, geography, natural history, and philosophy.

What are the four elements of a Socratic seminar?

A good seminar consists of four interdependent elements: (1) the text, (2) the questions, (3) the seminar leader, and (4) the participants. A closer look at each of these elements helps explain the unique character of a Socratic Seminar.

How do you facilitate a Socratic seminar?

5 Steps to a Successful Socratic Seminar

  1. Step 1: Choose a Text. The purpose of Socratic seminars is to use evidence to support interpretations of a text.
  2. Step 2: Let Students Prepare.
  3. Step 3: Give Students Questions.
  4. Step 4: Set Up Inner and Outer Circles.
  5. Step 5: Don’t Jump In.

What is the difference between the Socratic Seminar and the Paideia seminar?

A Paideia Seminar is similar, but it takes the Socratic discussion to the next level, as it embodies important guidelines of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and aligns to the CCSS.

What is a paideia seminar?

Who introduced the concept of paideia?

philosopher Mortimer J. Adler
One of the modern philosophers who pioneered the implementation of paideia in public education is philosopher Mortimer J. Adler.

Why is it called a Socratic seminar?

“A Seminar is a question-focused, student-led, and teacher-facilitated discussion, based on appropriate texts. Sometimes we call this activity a ‘Socratic Seminar’–after Socrates, well known for his open-ended dialogues.

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