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What is Army DRRS a?

What is Army DRRS a?

BANC3 is supporting the Defense Readiness and Reporting Systems contract by performing engineering, software development, testing, logistics and other operational services to enhance the current DRRS-A web based and client-sided applications and databases.

What is a unit status report?

The purpose of the Unit Status Report is to provide a commander’s assessment of his unit’s wartime readiness. Unit readiness indicators include personnel readiness, equipment and supply readiness, on-hand and available equipment readiness/serviceability and unit training proficiency.

Does the army use DRRS?

CCDRs, Military Services, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combat Support Agencies (CSAs), and other key DoD users (e.g., SECDEF and National Guard) use the DRRS collaborative environment to evaluate the readiness and capability of U.S. Armed Forces to carry out assigned and potential tasks.

What is Air Force DRRS?

The overarching intent behind the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) is to help answer the question “ready for what?” by providing both capability and resource data in an improved readiness reporting tool to broaden DoD-level readiness assessments.

What is C1 army?

C1. Combined Staff Personnel Officer. Army, Intelligence, Marine.

What is defense ready?

DefenseReady allows Department of Defense (DoD) organizations to effectively manage personnel and resource information at the local level, in order to accurately assess readiness. Mission readiness results in the ability to prepare and manage force mobilization in a demanding operational environment.

What is Obj T Army?

Rather than having a commander subjectively determine a unit’s readiness level, Objective T provides a standardized and deliberate training assessment methodology with objective unit assessment procedures that are applied across the Army.

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