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What is inside The O2?

What is inside The O2?

The O2 is home to the world’s most popular music, sport, comedy, entertainment and so much more. With premium outlet shopping at ICON Outlet, bars and restaurants, a multi-screen Cineworld, Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park and 12-lane Hollywood Bowl, it’s the ultimate destination.

What part of The O2 is damaged?

A statement on the venue’s website states: “Due to adverse weather conditions, we can confirm that there has been some damage caused to the tent fabric in our roof at The O2.

Has the 02 roof been fixed?

London’s O2 Arena reopens after Storm Eunice shreds part of Greenwich venue’s roof. London’s famous O2 Arena has reopened after Storm Eunice tore off part of the venue’s roof. The white covering had to be repaired after parts blew away in high winds during the storm last Friday.

Why does The O2 have a hole?

The tunnel forms part of the A102, with the southbound tunnel passing underneath The O2. The hole was therefore built around the ventilation tower, which was constructed for the forced air and exhaust equipment serving the southward Blackwall Tunnel.

Can you see the O2 Arena from space?

Now an astronaut aboard the International Space Station has shared a spectacular photograph of the UK’s capital city lit up at night. In the photo, several London landmarks are clearly visible – including Tower Bridge, Wembley Stadium and the O2 arena in Greenwich.

What is the roof of the 02 made of?

PTFE-coated glass fibre fabric
The canopy is made of PTFE-coated glass fibre fabric, a durable and weather-resistant plastic which has failed in winds said to be gusting over 100mph. GREENWICH: Roof of the 02 Arena has been badly damaged by the wind.

Is The O2 fixed now?

‘Crews have made the scene safe and The O2 is now closed. ‘ Commonly referred to as just The Dome, the originally named Millennium Dome was built to mark a new era as the year 2000 brought in the 21st century.

Can the O2 Arena be repaired?

Repair works are currently underway, with The O2 confident they will be up and running for Friday, February 25th — just a week after the storm. The tight turnaround on the repair is a consequence of the Millennium Dome’s unique design, which is constructed more like a giant marquee than an actual dome.

Is there toilets in The O2?

Toilets & Accessible Toilet The public toilets, including an accessible toilet, are located on Level 2. Public toilets are also located within Sainsbury’s which is located on Level 0 and also includes an accessible toilet. Please note that all bathrooms are regularly maintained by both male and female attendants.

How long does it take to walk over The O2?

The complete roof climbing experience at O2 Arena takes 90 minutes, out of which the first half-hour is the preparation, and the climb lasts an hour. Before starting the guided expedition over the roof of The O2 via a fabric walkway, all visitors get a security briefing and wear their climbing gear.

Is The O2 a temporary building?

The Millennium Dome, built originally as a temporary structure on the banks of the River Thames for the year 2000 celebrations in Greenwich, has now developed into an amazing permanent venue.

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