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What is the capital of Volta?

What is the capital of Volta?

Ho is one of the twelve districts in the Volta Region. It has a population of 61,099 and is the administrative and commercial capital of the Volta Region.

What is Volta Region known for?

The Volta Region is renowned for its bright festivals and loud ceremonies. The people of Wli hold a unique festival to give thanks for the gift of water, whiles the Anlos people put on the illustrious Hogbetsotso festival ( the name is derived from the Ewe language and translates as ‘festival of Exodus’).

How many Volta regions are in Ghana?

Volta Region is one (1) of Ghana’s sixteen (16) administrative regions in Ghana, with Ho designated as its capital. It is located west of Republic of Togo and to the east of Lake Volta.

Which part of Ghana is Volta Region?

The region is located at the eastern part of Ghana, sharing its eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo, western with the Volta River and Lake. The southern border is the Atlantic Ocean, wile the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region.

Is there gold in Volta Region?

The Volta Region and the Volta Basin are a treasure-trove of vari- ous important minerals and other natural resources, including gold, diamonds, copper, lead, iron ore, and oil and gas.

Who is the richest man in Volta Region?

Yang Huiyan net worth: Yang Huiyan is the major shareholder of Country Garden Holdings and one of the wealthiest people in Mainland China.

Do we have gold in Volta Region?

Who is the billionaire in Ghana?

1. Ernesto Taricone – Net worth of $1.3 billion. Ernesto Taricone tops the list of the top richest men in Ghana. Ernesto Taricone is the richest man in Ghana.

Who is the richest musician in Volta?

Mawuli Young god explained that eventhough he was br0ke sometime back, he is currently the richest artist from the Volta Region.

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