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What is the current version of RabbitMQ?

What is the current version of RabbitMQ?

The latest release of RabbitMQ is 3.10. 4. See RabbitMQ support timeline to find out what release series are supported.

Is RabbitMQ old?

History. Originally developed by Rabbit Technologies Ltd. which started as a joint venture between LShift and CohesiveFT in 2007, RabbitMQ was acquired in April 2010 by SpringSource, a division of VMware. The project became part of Pivotal Software in May 2013.

How do I install RabbitMQ on Windows 10 64 bit?

Download the latest RabbitMQ server from the official website for me it is 3.7. 15. Click on the above-highlighted link to redirect RabbitMQ windows installer. Click on the above highlighted rabbitmq-server-x.x.xx.exe file to download, after downloading double click on the .exe file to install.

How do I update RabbitMQ on Linux?

Check that the node or cluster is in a good state in order to be upgraded: no alarms are in effect, no ongoing queue synchronisation operations and the system is otherwise under a reasonable load. Stop the node. Upgrade RabbitMQ and, if applicable, Erlang. Start the node.

Is RabbitMQ free to use?

RabbitMQ is a free, open-source and extensible message queuing solution. It is a message broker that understands AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), but is also able to be used with other popular messaging solutions like MQTT.

How do I install RabbitMQ on Windows 11?

Goto RabbitMQ Home Page, click on Windows Installer as shown in screenshot. Download rabbitmq server .exe as shown in screenshot. Double click on downloaded rabbitmq-server-3.8. 1.exe and click on Next.

How do I check RabbitMQ version?

How to display RabbitMQ version

  1. RabbitMQ diagnostics. Use rabbitmq-diagnostics to display the RabbitMQ version.
  2. Erlang. Use Erlang to display the RabbitMQ version.
  3. System packages. Display erlang-base version.
  4. References. erlang:system_info(system_version)

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