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What is the purpose of MARPOL Annexes?

What is the purpose of MARPOL Annexes?

MARPOL includes six technical annexes: Annex I: Regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil. Annex II: Regulations for the control of pollution by noxious liquid substances in bulk. Annex III: Regulations for the prevention of pollution by harmful substances carried by sea in packaged form.

What is the main function of anti pollution equipment and operating procedure on ships?

Anti-pollution vessel is a special type of ship which is employed to absorb pollutants from oceanic water during ship accidents or any other incident which has lead to pollution at the sea.

Why MARPOL is important in the shipping industry?

Just like SOLAS, which regulates the shipping industry to follow minimum standards to safeguard life at sea, MARPOL is another important convention which safeguards the marine environment against ship pollution. MAPOL and SOLAS are considered to be two effective safety and environmental protection tools of IMO.

What is MARPOL And why is it called MARPOL 73 78?

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978 (MARPOL 73/78, MARPOL is short for International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and 73/78 short for the years 1973 and 1978) is one of the most important international marine …

What is the purpose of International safety management Code?

The purpose of the ISM Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention.

How can MARPOL protect and affect the environment?

MARPOL Annex VI, first adopted in 1997, limits the main air pollutants contained in ships exhaust gas, including sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrous oxides (NOx), and prohibits deliberate emissions of ozone depleting substances (ODS).

Why is pollution prevention important?

Pollution prevention protects the environment by conserving and protecting natural resources while strengthening economic growth through more efficient production in industry and less need for households, businesses and communities to handle waste.

How is MARPOL enforced?

How are MARPOL Regulations enforced? Each participating country adopts the MARPOL Regulations as part of their national laws. Each country has a law enforcement agency that can arrest and detain MARPOL Regulation violators, if appropriate.

Why is MARPOL important to seafarers?

Marpol 73/78 is one of the most important international marine environmental conventions. It was designed to preserve the marine environment through prevention of accidental discharge of oil and other harmful substances from ships into the sea.

What is the purpose of International Safety Management Code?

What is the major concern of MARPOL 73 78 convention?

The MARPOL 73/78 Convention regulates discharges from ships at sea and comprises, initially, of five annexes: Annex I: Regulation for the prevention of pollution by oil. Annex II: Regulation for the control of pollution by noxious liquid substances.

What is the purpose of a safety management system?

The objective of a Safety Management System is to provide a structured management approach to control safety risks in operations. Effective safety management must take into account the organisation’s specific structures and processes related to safety of operations.

What is the purpose of the safety and environmental protection policy?

Goals of the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy: To identify and remedy potentially unsafe working conditions, equipment, procedures and practices. To investigate and analyse accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences and take necessary corrective actions in order to prevent reoccurrence.

What are the objectives of pollution control?

Objectives of National Pollution Control Day The main objective is to make people aware, spread awareness in the industries that cause various pollution like water, air, soil, noise and affect the environment and obviously health.

How can we control pollution?

10 Best Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

  1. Using public transports.
  2. Turn off the lights when not in use.
  3. Recycle and Reuse.
  4. No to plastic bags.
  5. Reduction of forest fires and smoking.
  6. Use of fans instead of Air Conditioner.
  7. Use filters for chimneys.
  8. Avoid usage of crackers.

What is the purpose of International Safety management Code?

How does MARPOL affect the maritime industry?

MARPOL was first adopted in 1973 with annexes covering the prevention of pollution from ships by oil, by chemicals carried in bulk, by packaged goods, by sewage and garbage from ships. The convention was expanded in 1997 to regulate air pollution and emissions from ships.

What is the purpose of international Maritime Law?

MLC was established in 2006 by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The aim of the Convention was to ensure the rights and needs of the seafarers are safeguarded and free from opportunities of exploitation. The Convention did not come into force until 2013.

What are the 5 functions of safety management system?

Ensuring that staff has, and uses, safety equipment; Enforcing safety rules; • Including safety in performance reviews; • Providing safety coaching to staff; • Monitoring staff safety performance; and, • Conducting incident investigations.

What are the main functions of occupational safety management?

In principle, its functions are: (1) to increase the effectiveness of OSH management; (2) to guarantee compliance with existing legislation; and (3) to improve OSH performance. The OSH MS objectives are to be defined by the organisation and may include ethical, economic, legal and organisational goals.

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