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What is the viewership of WWE Raw?

What is the viewership of WWE Raw?

The first hour averaged 4.231 million viewers, before rising to 4.603 million viewers in the second. The audience dipped in the final hour to 4.338 million viewers….WWE News: Raw Ratings in for WrestleMania Go-Home Show.

Average Raw Viewership
Mar 24 4.27 million 4.7%
Mar 31 4.39 million 2.8%
Average 4.44 million 0.7%

What is WWE Raw highest viewership?

WWE Monday Night Raw: Looking Back at the Highest-Rated Episode Ever. On May 10, 1999, WWE broadcast an episode of Raw that achieved an 8.1 rating, the show’s highest ever. With the low ratings the show has gotten in recent years, 8.1 seems like a faraway dream of a number.

Is the WWE losing ratings?

The number is down 10% from 1.849 million viewers, which was not only down 3% from the week prior, but also lost to AEW Dynamite in 18-49 viewers for the first time in history. WWE Raw’s 18-49 viewership of 556,000 was its lowest since July 5.

Who is the target audience for WWE?

Weekly viewers of WWE programming consist of 36.2% females, and among their target demographic of viewers 18-49 the programs rank higher or at least competitively in weekly viewership than almost any other program on network or cable television.

Is SmackDown better than RAW?

In 2016, after SmackDown’s run as a highlight show, it once again became the better-received show in competition with RAW. 2016 was actually a really good year for WWE in general, but SmackDown has definitely performed more consistently than RAW over the past half a decade since.

Which has more viewers SmackDown or Raw?

Even with the ratings drop-off, SmackDown leads the way among weekly televised wrestling shows. Raw did 2.28 million viewers this week, while AEW Dynamite finished with 1.01 million. NXT reeled in 712,000.

Is Raw or SmackDown more popular?

Raw has the more popular wrestling stars than Smackdown.

Is the WWE struggling?

WWE is, after all, seemingly struggling with legitimate new competition in the pro wrestling space. It’s cut more than 80 Superstars from the roster since the start of 2021, a revamp of NXT has gone horribly awry and whispers of ratings struggles aren’t uncommon. But the future remains bright.

Why WWE is going down?

There simply isn’t enough excitement and action which the WWE can fill those three hours with and this is a big part of why the show’s viewership has decreased so dramatically. The average RAW will be filled with random matches to fill up the time as well as matches which seem to go on forever.

Who watches WWE the most?


1 Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker 9.5
2 Steve Austin, The Rock & Vince McMahon vs. The Undertaker, Triple H & Shane McMahon 9.17
3 Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper 9.1
4 The Rock vs. Shane McMahon 9.10
5 Wendy Richter vs. Fabulous Moolah 9

What percentage of WWE fans are white?

Favorability of WWE in the United States as of January 2020, by ethnicity

Characteristic Very favorable Heard of, no opinion
White 9% 29%
Hispanic 20% 26%
African American 19% 25%
Other 15% 30%

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