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What is vSCSI?

What is vSCSI?

A virtual SCSI (vSCSI) disk is a resource which can be a SCSI disk, or a volume or file in a VIO Server that is exported to a virtual IO client. IBM vSCSI LUNs implement a sub-set of the SCSI protocol. The two main limitations are: Persistent reservations (SCSI3 – PGR) are not implemented.

What is vSCSI in AIX?

VIRTUAL SCSI. Virtual SCSI is based on a client/server relationship. The Virtual I/O Server owns the physical resources and acts as server or, in SCSI terms, target device. The client logical partitions access the virtual SCSI backing storage devices provided by the Virtual I/O Server as clients.

What is the purpose of the virtual SCSI adapter?

The virtual SCSI client adapter allows a logical partition to access a storage device being made available by the other logical partition. The logical partition owning the hardware is the server logical partition, and the logical partition that uses the virtualized hardware is the client logical partition.

What is LSI in VMware?

LSI Logic Parallel (formerly knows as just LSI Logic) – this was the other emulated vSCSI controller available originally in the VMware platform. Most operating systems had a driver that supported a queue depth of 32 and it became a very common choice, if not the default.

What is Npiv in AIX?

NPIV enables the AIX VIO server to provision entire dedicated logical ports to client mLPARs rather than individual LUNs. Client partitions with this type of logical port operates as though the partition has its own dedicated FC protocol adapter.

How do I create a virtual SCSI disk?


  1. Select Window > Virtual Machine Library.
  2. Select a virtual machine in the Virtual Machine Library window and click Settings.
  3. Click Add Device.
  4. Click New Hard Disk.
  5. Click Add.
  6. (Optional) Change the filename for the new virtual hard disk.
  7. Use the Disk size slider to set the maximum size for the hard disk.

How do I map a disk from VIO to LPAR?


  1. LPAR Get the LPAR number. Get the disk name. Get the slot number based on the vscsi device.
  2. HMC Get VIOS slot number. Get VIOS number.
  3. VIOS Use VIOS slot number to get the vhost. Show disks which are being mapped to the vhost which you discovered.

What is VMware NVMe?

NVMe is a logical device interface specification for accessing nonvolatile storage media attached through a PCI Express (PCIe) bus in real and virtual hardware. Virtual NVMe devices have reduced guest I/O processing overhead, which allows more VDI VMs per host and more transactions per minute.

What is LSI Logic Controller?

What is FC adapter in AIX?

A virtual fibre channel adapter is a virtual adapter that provides client logical partitions with a fibre channel connection to a storage area network through the Virtual I/O Server logical partition.

How do I find my WWN number in AIX?

Locating the WWPN for IBM Power Systems hosts running AIX

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Type lscfg -vl fcs x , where x is the adapter number. The network address is the Fibre Channel adapter port WWPN value. Notes: The lscfg -vl fcsx ROS level identifies the Fibre Channel adapter firmware level.

How many SCSI drives can be in a VM?

four SCSI controllers
A maximum of four SCSI controllers are supported per VMware virtual machine. There is a 15-device limit for devices connected to a single SCSI controller.

How do I change IDE to SCSI?

From the Edit Settings menu for this virtual machine:

  1. Go to Add > Hard Disk > Create New Virtual Disk.
  2. Change the Capacity to 1 GB and click Next.
  3. Ensure that the Virtual Device Node is set to SCSI.
  4. Complete the wizard and select the New SCSI Controller.

How do you Dlpar virtual SCSI adapters using the HMC enhanced GUI?

How to DLPAR Virtual Fibre Channel Adapters Using the HMC Enhanced GUI

  1. Select the AIX/Linux/IBM i client partition to modify and View Partition Properties.
  2. Click Virtual I/O > Virtual Storage:
  3. Select the Virtual Fiber Channel tab, then click Add Virtual Fiber Channel Device:

Does VMware support NVMe?

VMware is pleased to announce support of the NVMe/TCP storage protocol with the release of VMware vSphere 7 Update 3! NVMe/TCP allows vSphere customers a fast, simple and cost-effective way to get the most out of their existing storage investments.

Does VMware support NVMe over fabric?

In this article we zoom in on VMware’s vSphere 7 support for NVMe over Fabrics for faster data access to external block storage arrays. This support gives virtual machines faster read and write access to external stored data, thus increasing performance.

What is NVMe controller in VMware?

You can use an NVM Express (NVMe) controller from ESXi 6.5 and Hardware Version 13. NVMe is a logical device interface specification for accessing nonvolatile storage media attached through a PCI Express (PCIe) bus in real and virtual hardware.

How many disks are in a VM?

Standard unmanaged virtual machine disks: Per-disk limits

VM tier Basic tier VM Standard tier VM
Disk size 4,095 GB 4,095 GB
Maximum 8-KB IOPS per persistent disk 300 500
Maximum number of disks that perform the maximum IOPS 66 40

What is Num_cmd_elems in AIX?

“num_cmd_elems” attribute setting of a virtual FC(vFC) adapter on AIX partition imposes limit on the maximum number of command elements that could actively be served by the adapter.

What is Wwpn in AIX?

To attach your DS8000® to an AIX® system, you must locate the worldwide port name (WWPN) for the host.

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