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What jobs can I get at 20 years old?

What jobs can I get at 20 years old?

Best jobs for 20-year-olds

  1. Teaching assistant. National average salary: $25,939 per year.
  2. Childcare provider. National average salary: $27,496 per year.
  3. Caregiver. National average salary: $29,298 per year.
  4. Veterinary assistant. National average salary: $31,357 per year.
  5. Tire technician.
  6. Teller.
  7. Housekeeper.
  8. Bartender.

Can you get a job at 20?

1. People wouldn’t have to work their hardest when they’re also raising small children. In the current system, people get an entry level job right after college or other training, usually when they’re between 20 and 25.

How do I find a job at 20?

The ultimate guide to getting a job in your 20s

  1. Put pen to paper and write down your career goals.
  2. Make sure your resume is as polished as possible.
  3. Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Know your elevator pitch.
  5. Get out and talk to people.

Is it hard to get a first job at 20?

No matter how old you are, getting your first job can be a challenging experience. While some get their first jobs in their teens, many others wait until they have graduated from high school or even until they’ve obtained a two- or four-year degree. You may find yourself entering your 20s with no job experience.

How can I get rich without a job?

36 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

  1. Invest in Real Estate (Even If You’re Not Rich)
  2. Squirrel Away Your Spare Change.
  3. Share Your Opinions (Not on Twitter, Please)
  4. Help Make the Internet a Better Place.
  5. Spend $1 to Own a Piece of Amazon, Google or Other Companies.
  6. Design and Sell T-Shirts.
  7. Start Freelancing.

How am I supposed to get a job with no experience?

Volunteer work, internships, and part time jobs are all great additions to your resume. If you have any hobbies or extracurricular involvement, those could also show off certain qualities. Just be sure to show the employer how these experiences are useful to them by quantifying the details and the impact of your role.

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