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What music does Marji listen to?

What music does Marji listen to?

In her young age she likes to listen to Iron Maiden, Kim Wilde and Michael Jackson. These various artists bring a separate set of emotions to author’s life. On one hand where Iron Maiden brings aggression, on the other hand Michael Jackson and Kim Wilde motivate her to live life without restrictions.

Is Marjane Satrapi Persian?

Satrapi was born in Rasht, Iran. She grew up in Tehran in a middle-class Iranian family and attended the French-language school, Lycée Razi. Both her parents were politically active and supported Marxist causes against the monarchy of the last Shah.

How can one be Persian by Marjane Satrapi?

In her essay “How Can One Be Persian?”, Persepolis author and illustrator Marjane Satrapi explores the linguistic symbolism of two terms that serve conflicting representations: Persia, the Greek-named, romanticized land of Persis and its people; and Iran, the native name of the same land, which has assumed new meaning …

What genre is Persepolis?

Graphic novel
ComicsNovelBiographyAutobiographical comics

Genre and style Persepolis is an autobiography written as a graphic novel based on Satrapi’s life. The genre of graphic novels can be traced back to 1986 with Art Spiegelman’s depiction of the Holocaust through the use of cartoon images of mice and cats.

Where did Satrapi go to buy music tapes?

Later, Marji heads out on her own to buy some rock music tapes from a guy in a trench coat on the street. On the way back, an adult stops her and shames her for the clothes she’s wearing. The adult threatens to take her to the committee, “the HQ of the guardians of the revolution” (17.53).

What revolutionary Iranian event influenced Marji the most?

The war with Iraq had originally inspired Marji to vocal patriotism in protection her country against another invasion, but Marji begins to realize there are greater forces behind the war. She sees how the Islamic regime needs the war to continue survive and keep power.

What is the purpose of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi?

Persepolis was not originally written in Farsi, Satrapi’s first language, but in French. She did not write her book for an Iranian audience. Satrapi’s goal was to provide an alternative outlook into Iran for “westerners” who consumed the false and negative media attention given to Iran at that time.

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