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What was the Salzburgers role in developing the colony?

What was the Salzburgers role in developing the colony?

In 1740 the Salzburgers, with funding from the Trustees, built the first water-driven gristmill in the Georgia colony, and they built a second in 1751.

What was the role of the Salzburgers?

The Salzburgers were people who came to the colony of Georgia for religious reasons. They weren’t allowed to practice their religion (Christian.) They came to Georgia for a fresh start, however the Englishmen didn’t want them there.

Who were the Salzburgers of the early Georgia colony?

The Salzburger Emigrants were a group of German-speaking Protestant refugees from the Catholic Archbishopric of Salzburg (now in present-day Austria) that immigrated to the Georgia Colony in 1734 to escape religious persecution.

Who were the Salzburgers during the trustee period in Georgia?

The other Trustees could not keep control of the Malcontents in the colony, so in 1752, one year before their charter ended, they returned the colony to the king, officially ending the Trustee Period. Salzburgers were a group of hardworking German Protestants. They were from the town of Salzburg, thus their name.

What did the Salzburgers believe?

They were Protestants in a Catholic country. The Catholics told them they would have to give up their religion or their land. They gave up their land, and they traveled to the New World to escape religious persecution. Here in Georgia they were able to practice their Protestant faith – Lutheran.

What was the impact that the Salzburgers have in Georgia?

The Salzburgers’ deep spirituality, strong work ethic, and independent spirit served the community well; they thrived in the years before the American Revolution and built the first water-driven Grist Mill in Georgia, and established the first Sunday school and the first orphanage.

What time period are the Salzburgers?

The Salzburgers. One of the great displacements of people and migrations in European history occurred in 1731-32 when 20,000 Protestants were expelled from the country of Salzburg, which today is a province of Austria.

What were the Salzburgers able to produce that the colonists of Savannah had trouble producing?

In return, they were expected to create and maintain Mulberry plantations in order to provide silk to Britain. What was the name of the Salzburgers’ first community? What were the Salzburgers able to produce that the colonists of Savannah had trouble producing? Silk via Mulberry plantations that sustained silkworms.

Why were the Salzburgers considered to be such loyal hard working people?

Why were the Salzburgers completely loyal to the Trustees? The Trustees gave them assistance during their transition to the colony. The religious group also supported the Trustees’ view of an antislavery colony.

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