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What word add es?

What word add es?

The spelling rule is: when the word ends in ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘z’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, or ‘x’ you add ‘es’. This rule was created centuries ago, as a means of stopping the plural ‘s’ clashing with these letters.

What nouns end in es?

By adding -es to nouns ending in –ch, -s, -sh, -ss, -x, and -z.

Singular Plural Singular
brush brushes match
bus buses minus
buzz buzzes patch
catch catches peach

What plural words end in ES?

By adding -es to nouns ending in –ch, -s, -sh, -ss, -x, and -z.

Singular Plural Plural
batch batches inches
beach beaches itches
boss bosses kisses
box boxes lenses

What is the plural form of 30?

The plural form of thirty is thirties. Find more words!

Can you add an s to a word that ends in F?

Spelling Rule: You can’t just add an S to words that end in F to make them plural. You have to change the F to V and add ES. This is one of 20 songs imbedded in our educational spelling software, Wordy Qwerty, that teaches 2nd to 4th graders how words are built in English.

How do you make the plural of a word end in F?

Nouns ending in -f and -fe To make a plural of a word ending in -f, change the f to a v and add es. Similarly, if a word ends in -fe, change the f to a v and add an s. The result for both types is a plural that ends in -ves.

Why is the word roof spelled with a V?

This spelling arose because of the difficulty of pronouncing f and s together in English (an attempt to do this will produce a v sound). Exceptions: roofs and proofs (among others).

What are some nouns ending in-F and-Fe?

Nouns ending in -f and -fe Singular (-f, -fe) Plural (-ves) knife knives life lives wife wives calf calves

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