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Where is Maroon Lake Colorado?

Where is Maroon Lake Colorado?

General Information. Directions: Located 10 miles southwest of Aspen, Colorado, on Maroon Creek Road. From Highway 82 take the Maroon Creek Road exit at the roundabout on the West edge of town. Follow Maroon Creek Road to the Maroon Bells Welcome Station.

Can you swim in Maroon Lake?

No, swimming is not permitted at Maroon lake.

What is Maroon Lake known for?

Maroon Lake (9,585 ft) is an alpine lake at the center of the Maroon Bells Scenic Area. This is a lake just outside the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness accessed at the end of Maroon Creek Road (CR 13). Maroon Lake, like many high elevation lakes, was created by Ice-age glaciers as they slid down across the landscape.

Can you swim in Crater Lake Maroon Bells?

You can also find high-alpine Crater Lake about a mile and a half down a moderate trail. Swimming is prohibited in both lakes, but there are plenty of other local places where you can swim and float (like the North Star Nature Preserve near Independence Pass).

Can you drive into Maroon Bells?

Can you drive up to Maroon Bells? Between late May and early October, you can drive all the way up to Maroon Bells. You’ll have to pay $10 per vehicle. However, in high season, the last section of the road gets closed to private vehicles between 8 AM and 5 PM, and you have to take a shuttle.

Is Maroon Bells near Aspen?

Located just 10 miles west of Aspen or 16 from Snowmass up Maroon Creek Road off Hwy. 82 in a glacial valley, the 14,000-foot peaks (fourteeners) truly epitomize the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

What is the clearest lake in Colorado?

Some Of The Cleanest And Clearest Water Can Be Found At Colorado’s Lake Isabelle. Colorado is home to countless bodies of water that are nearly pristine, the most famous of which include Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, the aptly named Blue Lakes near Ridgway, and the other Blue Lake near Denver.

Why can’t you swim at the Hanging Lake Colorado?

The lake’s fragile edge is built up from dissolved carbonates which are deposited on the shore as the water flows over. Body oils, lotions, and skin cells that seep into the water stop this deposition. This is why swimming is not allowed at the lake. Editor’s Note: Reservations are required to visit Hanging Lake.

Is Maroon Bells worth?

Yes, Maroon Bells is absolutely worth a visit.

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