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Where is the groove for transverse sinus?

Where is the groove for transverse sinus?

the occipital bone
The groove for transverse sinus is a groove which runs along the internal surface of the occipital bone, running laterally between the superior and inferior fossae of the cruciform eminence. The transverse sinuses travel along this groove.

What is the torcular?

Definition of torcular : the point at which the four great cranial venous sinuses meet.

What is torcular Herophili?

The torcular Herophili (confluence of sinuses) is a highly variable structure that constitutes a vital part of the network of dural venous sinuses. The torcular Herophili is defined historically as the intersection of the superior sagittal sinus, the straight sinus, the occipital sinus, and the two transverse sinuses.

What does the transverse sinus drain into?

The transverse sinuses are formed by the tentorium cerebelli and drain into the right and left sigmoid sinuses.

What is the groove for superior sagittal sinus?

Along the upper margin of parietal is a shallow groove, which, together with that on the opposite parietal, forms a channel, the sagittal sulcus, for the superior sagittal sinus; the edges of the sulcus afford attachment to the falx cerebri.

Where is the groove for sigmoid sinus?

posterior cranial fossa
Groove for Sigmoid Sinus is a groove in the posterior cranial fossa. It starts at lateral parts of occipital bone, curves around jugular process, and ends at posterior inferior angle of parietal bone. After that, groove for sigmoid sinus continues as groove for transverse sinus.

Where is the torcular?

occipital pole
Torcular Injuries The torcular Heterophili is also known as confluence of sinuses and is located at the occipital pole of the skull. It is formed by the merger of the SSS and the straight sinus draining most of the cerebral venous blood flow into the bilateral transverse sinuses.

What causes sinus confluence?

The confluence of sinuses (torcular herophili, or torcula) is the connecting point of the superior sagittal sinus, straight sinus, and occipital sinus. It is found deep to the occipital protuberance of the skull. Blood arriving at this point then proceeds to drain into the left and right transverse sinuses.

What is the torcular of the brain?

The confluence of sinuses (Latin: confluens sinuum), torcular Herophili, or torcula is the connecting point of the superior sagittal sinus, straight sinus, and occipital sinus. It is below the internal occipital protuberance of the skull. It drains venous blood from the brain into the transverse sinuses.

What is torcular meningioma?

Torcular meningiomas arise from the wall of the torcular Herophili, the site of confluence of the superior sagittal, straight, occipital, and both transverse sinuses.

What is transverse sinus of heart?

The transverse sinus is the pericardial space delimited by the superior vena cava (SVC) and anterior surfaces of the right atrium (RA) and left atrium (LA) dorsally.

What is the sagittal sulcus?

The sagittal sulcus is a midline groove that runs across the internal surfaces of part of the squamous part of the frontal bone, the parietal bones, and part of the occipital bones. The sagittal sulcus accommodates the superior sagittal sinus. The falx cerebri attaches to the edge of the sagittal sulcus on either side.

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