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Which district is Duliajan in Assam?

Which district is Duliajan in Assam?

Dibrugarh district
Duliajan is an industrial town of Dibrugarh district in the Indian state of Assam located in the upper north-east corner of India. The town is about 45 km east of Dibrugarh City.

What is postal code of duliajan?

Duliajan/Zip codes

What is STD Code of Assam?

The STD code of Guwahati in Assam is 0361.

Location STD Code
Guwahati 0361
Boko 03621
Barama 03623
Nalbari 03624

Which state STD code is 0120?


STD Code City State
0120 GHAZIABAD+DADRI Uttar Pradesh
0121 MEERUT Uttar Pradesh
0122 HAPUR Uttar Pradesh
01232 MODINAGAR Uttar Pradesh

Is duliajan urban or rural?

Duliajan Assembly constituency – Duliajan Vidhan Sabha (118) is located in Dibrugarh district of Assam and comes under the Dibrugarh Lok Sabha constituency. As per the estimates of 2011 census, out of total 235840 population 84.15% is rural and 15.85% is urban population.

Is duliajan a revenue town?

Duliajan Oil Town (CT) Village with Census of India Village-code 291703 is located in Tengakhat Revenue Circle of Dibrugarh district in Assam, India….Duliajan Oil Town (CT) Village.

State code: 18
District code: 310
Revenue Circle code: 02066

What is the pin code of bordubi?

BORDUBI TE Pin Code is 786151. BORDUBI TE is located in Doom Dooma S.O TINSUKIA, ASSAM, India.

What is the pin code of Tengakhat Assam?

786103Tengakhat / Zip code

What is a full form of STD?

Also called: Sexually transmitted infections, STDs, Venereal disease.

What is Noida STD code?

STD Codes/on Demand Trunk Numbers

City STD Code On Demand Number
New Delhi 011 154
Noida 01189
Osmanabad 02472 159
Panaji 0832 153

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