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Who has played the role of Catwoman?

Who has played the role of Catwoman?

Live action

Crew Film
Batman (1966) The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Catwoman portrayer Lee Meriwether Anne Hathaway
Director Leslie H. Martinson Christopher Nolan
Producer William Dozier Emma Thomas Christopher Nolan Charles Roven

Who is the best Catwoman of all time?

Ranking Every Live-Action Catwoman Performance6

  • 8) Halle Berry – Catwoman.
  • 7) Maggie Baird – Birds of Prey.
  • 6) Lee Meriwether – Batman: The Movie.
  • 5) Eartha Kitt – Batman ’66.
  • 4) Julie Newmar- Batman ’66.
  • 3) Camren Bicondova – Gotham.
  • 2) Anne Hathaway – The Dark Knight Rises.
  • 1) Michelle Pfeiffer – Batman Returns.

Who played the best Catwoman?

Batman: 10 Best Actresses Who’ve Played Catwoman, Ranked

  1. 1 Michelle Pfeiffer In Batman Returns.
  2. 2 Grey DeLisle In The Batman: Arkham Games.
  3. 3 Gina Gershon In The Batman (2004)
  4. 4 Zoë Kravitz In The Batman And The Lego Batman Movie.
  5. 5 Tie: Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt In Batman (1966)

Is Michelle Pfeiffer the best Catwoman?

The results are officially in, with (at time of writing) one of IGN’s biggest poll winners in recent days. With 2,686 votes tallied, actress Michelle Pfeiffer took home the crown of best Catwoman with a whopping 54.4% of the vote.

Who played the first black Catwoman?

actress Eartha Kitt
But in December 1967, the network exercised some colorblind casting, with singer-actress Eartha Kitt taking over as the program’s final Catwoman. “Catwoman’s Dressed to Kill” marked Eartha Kitt’s debut as the first black Catwoman (though she appeared in an uncredited tease at the end of the previous episode).

Who is the OG Catwoman?

Lee Meriwether in Batman As a result, Lee Meriwether played Catwoman in the movie, making her the first actress to play the character in a live-action film.

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