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Who is the lord in Taming of the Shrew?

Who is the lord in Taming of the Shrew?

Lord Christopher Sly
Sly awakens to his new identity. Traveling players arrive to present an Italian play for the pretend Lord Christopher Sly. The play is a “pleasant comedy” set in Italy. The story is about the taming of a shrew.

What finally convinces Sly that he is a lord?

What finally convinces him to accept he is a lord? He denies it at first and when he found out he had a mistress he accepted it. 2. What excuse does the page, as Sly’s “wife,” offer for why he cannot sleep with Sly right away?

Where is the lord returning from when he finds Sly asleep?

The Lord is returning from hunting. 5. The Lord plans to move Sly into his own home so that Sly will wake up to find himself dressed as a nobleman with servants.

What does the lord do to Sly?

The Lord gives his crew orders to take Sly to his fancy country estate, clean him up, and surround him with delicious food, great music, and obedient servants. The plan, he says, is to trick Sly into believing he is a nobleman instead of a drunken beggar.

What does the lord wonder about Sly?

Q. What does the Lord wonder about Sly? He wonders if he gave Sly money and a wife if he would start behaving differently. He wonders why Sly drinks so much.

What is the main theme of Taming of the Shrew?

Instead, The Taming of the Shrew emphasizes the economic aspects of marriage—specifically, how economic considerations determine who marries whom. The play tends to explore romantic relationships from a social perspective, addressing the institutions of courtship and marriage rather than the inner passions of lovers.

Does Sly actually believe he is a lord?

Before Sly believes the Lord’s tales that he is rich, he speaks in prose, which in Shakespeare’s plays is most often used for working-class characters; only after he believes that he is a lord does he begin to speak in verse.

What question does the lord set out to answer?

8. What question does the lord set out to answer? What question might Shakespeare be asking? The lord is curious about whether or not a man can be convinced he is someone other than himself.

What happens to Sly at the end of Taming of the Shrew?

At the end of A Shrew, Sly wakes up in front of the tavern and thinks the Lord’s prank has all been a dream. A bartender tells him to go home to his wife and Sly says he will go home, where he plans to tame his shrewish wife now that he knows how.

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