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Who is the Sheriff of galveston County?

Who is the Sheriff of galveston County?

Sheriff Henry Trochesset
Sheriff Henry Trochesset Henry is also a member of the Knights of Columbus Order 10393 in Hitchcock and various other county wide organizations. Sheriff Trochesset has been an employee with the Galveston County Sheriff’s office for the past 36 years as a deputy holding various ranks and leadership.

How do I get a police report in Galveston County?

Get a copy of a police report? You may access reports online or you may contact our records division at 409-765-3650.

How do I visit someone in Galveston County Jail?

Only parents, guardians, and approved visitors will be allowed to visit. Visitation is to be conducted between the hours of 6:15pm-7:45pm according to the unit assignment of the resident listed below. Visitation is limited to two visitors in the visitation area at any given time.

How do I find an inmate in Brazoria County Jail?

You can also contact the administration directly to find out if an inmate you know is in the facility by phone 979-864-2338. The Brazoria County Jail Division also offers a free mobile app (Google Play and Apple App Store) that allows the public to receive information regarding current inmates in the facility.

Is Galveston rural or urban?

Compiled by The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

POPULATION (Census Bureau)
County Population «History» «Group Quarters» «Census 2020 Redistricting Data (county level only)»
Percent Urban: 93.85 More data
Percent Rural: 6.15 More data

Does Texas allow conjugal visits?

Only four states currently allow conjugal visits. The states are California, Connecticut, New York, and Washington.

Can you call an inmate in Galveston County Jail?

Phone calls You can leave a 30 second voice mail for an inmate by calling 409-766-2315, 409-766-2263.

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