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Who was the best 3 point shooter in 2017?

Who was the best 3 point shooter in 2017?

Korver holds a number of records: he’s the only player to average over 50% from 3-point territory for an entire regular season campaign. He’s also led the league in 3-point percentage 4 times, and he earlier held the record for most consecutive games with a made 3-pointer (127) – Steph Curry broke this record with 157.

Who made most 3-pointers in a game?

Most 3-pointers in a game (All-Star Game) Stephen Curry holds the mark for the most career NBA 3-pointers.

Who is better Steph Curry or Larry Bird?

Stephen Curry, we can see that Larry Bird has 10 awards in contrast to Stephen Curry’s 6 awards. Larry Bird has 3 Championship, 2 Finals MVP, 3 Regular Season MVP, 1 Rookie of the Year, 1 Hall of Fame, while Stephen Curry has 3 Championship, 2 Regular Season MVP, 1 Scoring Title.

Is PJ Tucker a good 3 point shooter?

A closer look at the top 12 corner 3-point shooters so far this season. P.J. Tucker has led the the NBA in total corner 3-pointers made in three of the past four seasons.

Is PJ Tucker a good shooter?

He’s made 282 of those shots, good for a 39.2 percentage on corner 3-pointers. During the current 2019-20 NBA playoffs, Tucker is shooting 20 of 52 (38.5 percent) on corner 3-pointers through the first eight games. In terms of attempts, the next closest are teammate Danuel House Jr.

Who has the highest 3-point percentage in a season?

Kyle Korver
The NBA record for highest 3-point field goal percentage in a season is . 536, by Kyle Korver (USA) while playing for the Utah Jazz (USA) during the 2009-10 season. Korver converted on 59 of 110 attempts.

Who was better Magic or Bird?

Magic’s regular season stats are fantastic but don’t differ significantly from Larry Bird`s stats. Per game, Bird scored 24.3 points, picked 10 rebounds, and delivered 6.3 assists. In comparison, Magic`s stats are 19.5, 7.2 and 11.2, respectively. However, Magic’s playoff stats are better.

Is Steph Curry better than Michael Jordan?

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has made a compelling case for being the best basketball player in the world of late, but the reigning NBA MVP is aiming even higher. In an extensive interview with ESPN the Magazine’s Sam Alipour, Curry spoke of eclipsing Michael Jordan as the best player of all time.

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