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Who won Mirko Cro Cop vs Wanderlei?

Who won Mirko Cro Cop vs Wanderlei?

Mirko Filipović defeats Wanderlei Silva via KO/TKO at 5:26 of Round 1.

Who won Chael vs Wanderlei Silva?

Chael Sonnen
The one and only Chael Sonnen bounced back with a victory over Wanderlei Silva at #Bellator180 and added a 2️⃣9️⃣th win to his career. Watch him in action once more when 🔌 Bellator Recharged ⚡️ hits CBS Sports Network Saturday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Does Mirko lose a leg?

Mirko is directly hit by the attack shocking everyone. Mirko recovers from the attack and has her robot arm and leg destroyed, Mirko calls in for spares that arrive from below the battlefield, before her and Dynamight proceed to argue between each other until Best Jeanist tells them to stay focused.

Is Mirko a Latina?

While Mirko isn’t canonically Latina, like the characters in Michiko & Hatchin or Chad, her English voice actress is. She embodies Lucha in a way that hits home, and it’s one piece of her characterization that makes her sing for me.

Who is Mirko referenced after?

The official English language translation release of the series features her name as Mirko, and that’s because the pro hero’s name is actually inspired by a real life mixed martial arts fighter, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic.

Did Mirko Cro Cop best Wanderlei Silva?

At Pride 20, in just his fourth MMA fight, Cro Cop met one of Pride’s best fighters, Wanderlei Silva. Silva and Cro Cop fought under special rules without judges for five rounds. Despite the draw, Cro Cop proved he could be one of MMA’s best.

What happened to Mirko Cro Cop?

Mirko Filipovic was forced to retire from a long and storied combat career in 2019 after suffering a stroke. Still, his highlight reel lives on in perpetuity, featuring some of the most devastating knockouts you will ever see.

Why didn t Chael and Wanderlei fight?

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva were scheduled to fight each other on three separate occasions, but the bout never happened due to pull-outs from both sides. A failed drug test forced Chael Sonnen into retirement shortly after.

What happened to Bob Sapp vs Cro Cop?

Although Sapp pushed the fight for a minute, the mobile Cro Cop landed a liver shot and followed with a left hand that broke completely Sapp’s orbital bone, making him collapse on the mat and give up while in visible pain.

Did Mirko Cro Cop break leg?

Why not try a head kick?” Just like that Cro Cop was on the wrong end of a head kick and left on the ground dazed and seeing stars. The video puts heavy emphasis on Cro Cop’s ankle. Cro Cop only suffered a little injury to his ankle and a detached ligament in his knee.

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