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Why was Shaun White Not in 2014 Olympics?

Why was Shaun White Not in 2014 Olympics?

White said he did just that during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, when he pulled out of the slopestyle event because he didn’t feel physically safe competing. He said the backlash was difficult to deal with, but his own health took precedence.

Who is Shaun White’s rival?

Kevin Pearce’s professional ascent happens at a time snowboarding tricks are becoming more and more breathtaking, but also drastically more dangerous. His rivalry with superstar Shaun White results in the introduction of now-standard airbags and foam-landing pits.

What trick was Kevin Pearce doing when he crashed?

On the accident that caused Pearce’s brain injury Kevin was attempting a trick called a cab double cork. And he just slightly missed the landing and plunged headfirst — with all the force of having rotated three times in the air at crazy angles — and slammed his forehead into the hard halfpipe.

Does Chloe Kim go to Princeton?

Chloe Kim is not at Princeton University Back when she found fame in snowboarding by winning her first gold medal, Kim quit her favorite sport to focus on getting a degree. She enrolled for an anthropology degree, in spite, of wanting chemistry at first.

What happened between Kevin Pearce and Shaun White?

But there is one story that often gets overseen: the story of Kevin Pearce and Shaun White. The story of a friendship that took an ugly turn and created a lot of suffering. Snowboarding is a dangerous sport. These athletes are literally putting their lives at risk.

Who is Steve Pearce?

Instead of being a competitive athlete, Pearce became a motivational speaker who creates awareness for traumatic brain injuries. His activism is not limited to snowboarding; he wants to share his story to inspire athletes of all sports to wear helmets.

What inspired Steve Pearce to start the Crash Reel?

It was a wake-up call that inspired him to start a foundation to help victims of traumatic brain injuries. In 2013, the documentary “The Crash Reel” came out and told the story of Pearce’s recovery. We see him talking with his brother David, who has Down syndrome, about his desire to make a comeback.

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