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What did the Ottomans do to the Parthenon?

What did the Ottomans do to the Parthenon?

After the Ottoman conquest, the Parthenon was turned into a mosque in the early 1460s. On 26 September 1687, an Ottoman ammunition dump inside the building was ignited by Venetian bombardment during a siege of the Acropolis. The resulting explosion severely damaged the Parthenon and its sculptures.

Did the Ottomans destroy the Parthenon?

The siege of the Acropolis took place on 23–29 September 1687, as the Venetian army under Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck laid siege to the Acropolis of Athens, held by the Ottoman garrison of the city. The siege resulted in the destruction of a large part of the Parthenon, which the Ottomans used as a gunpowder store.

When did the Turks bomb the Parthenon?

1687 The Venetians siege the Acropolis which is under Turkish occupation. An artillery shell hits the Parthenon, which is being used by the Turks as a powder magazine and ignites a colossal explosion.

Who burned down the Parthenon?

On the site of the great marble temple burned by the Persians, they constructed a new one: the Parthenon we know today.

Who ruined the Parthenon?

On 26 September 1687 Morosini fired, one round scoring a direct hit on the powder magazine inside the Parthenon. The ensuing explosion caused the cella to collapse, blowing out the central part of the walls and bringing down much of Phidias’ frieze.

What happened to the Parthenon when the Venetians attacked the Ottomans?

In 1687, when Venetian forces that were part of a Holy League against the Ottoman Empire raided Athens, the Ottomans converted the Parthenon into an ammunition store as well as a shelter for women and children.

Who built the Parthenon and why?

Who Built the Parthenon? The celebrated Greek statesman Pericles is credited with ordering the design and construction of the Parthenon as a temple for Athena—the goddess of wisdom, arts and literature and war—but it may not have been the first attempt to house the deity.

Why was the Parthenon so important?

Why is the Parthenon important, special and famous? The Parthenon is so special because first of all is the symbol of Athens democracy. It was built after the victory on the Persians who occupied Athens in 480 BC. It was built to celebrate the victory and Athens political, economic and cultural superiority.

What did the Persians do to the Parthenon?

The Acropolis was razed, and the Old Temple of Athena and the Older Parthenon destroyed: Those Persians who had come up first betook themselves to the gates, which they opened, and slew the suppliants; and when they had laid all the Athenians low, they plundered the temple and burnt the whole of the acropolis.

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