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What is reindex database in busy?

What is reindex database in busy?

Reindexing is a resource-intensive operation, as it uses both CPU and disk bandwidth. The CPU will be busy parsing the content and generating index entries while the disk will be reading fragments for reindexing, writing new stands to disk, and running merges on these newly created stands.

What is busy data?

Overview. BDEP stands for ‘BUSY Data Exchange Platform’. With access to BDEP Service, companies can exchange their data (Invoices) with other companies using BUSY. For example, Company A sells goods to Company B. In this case Sales made by Company A is the Purchase for Company B.

How can I import busy data in busy?

Follow below steps to import masters from Busy to Book Keeper Windows:

  1. Open Busy on your Desktop.
  2. Go to Administration > Data Export/Import > Data Export/Import (XML) > Export Data > Masters.
  3. A new window will open, choose Account or Item or both and click Export, save it to Desktop.

How can I open busy data in Tally?

Step 1: Download Demo TDC setup. Install this setup and open Demo TDC. Step 2: Create Dummy Comapany in Tally for Exporting Masters and transanction. Step 3: Send All Master and Transanction into tally.

What does re indexing mean?

(riːˈɪndɛks ) verb (transitive) computing. to create a new index for. Collins English Dictionary.

What is busy server?

The Server Busy is an error message generated by Windows, not by RMCTools. It generally means that some other software application on the PC is not properly releasing resources, and another application, such as RMCTools, is not able to access it.

Is busy or tally better?

Busy Accounting Software is ideal for industries like All Industries. For All Industries, TallyPrime is a better choice. If you are confused between Busy Accounting Software or TallyPrime, you can also check if the software has customizable modules for your industry.

Can busy data be converted into tally?

We can help you with that. This will prevent you from wasting your precious time (avoiding reenter the vouchers manually Busy to Tally). You send us your BUSY SOFTWARE data, we will convert the data to TALLY SOFTWARE and send it back to you.

Can busy data be converted into Tally?

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