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What is the Monroe effect?

What is the Monroe effect?

Definition of Munroe effect : the greatly increased penetration of an explosive into a surface (as of metal or concrete) that is caused by shaping a conical or hemispherical hollow in the forward end of an explosive cartridge.

What is meant by shaped charge?

Shaped charges are devices in which an explosive load is used to collapse a (usually metal) liner, thereby creating a high velocity jet that is capable of penetrating deep into metal, concrete or other target materials (Walters & Zukas, 1989). From: Advances in Applied Mechanics, 2021.

How do HEAT rounds work?

HEAT rounds use explosive firepower, rather than momentum, to penetrate armor. At its nose, the round has an extended impact sensor. When the impact sensor collides with a target, it ignites an explosive, which melts surrounding copper.

How does explosive reactive armor work?

Explosive reactive armour On attack by a penetrating weapon, the explosive detonates, forcibly driving the metal plates apart to damage the penetrator. Against a shaped charge, the projected plates disrupt the metallic jet penetrator, effectively providing a greater path-length of material to be penetrated.

Are Tesla’s bidirectional?

For the time being, no Tesla models are capable of bidirectional charging. It’s possible (even likely) that all 2022 Tesla models have the necessary hardware for V2G or V2L, or V2H. However, Tesla has alternative motives for delaying bidirectional charging rollout for as long as possible.

What is 2way charging?

Bidirectional charging refers to two-way charging (meaning charge and discharge). V2G is a charging technology that allows the one-way flow of energy from the car battery back to the grid (from the vehicle to the grid).

What is precursor warhead?

The precursor warhead has an instantaneous fuse which initiates a precursor penetrator which causes early detonation of reactive armor, thereby protecting the main charge and penetrator on the HEAA round from damage.

What is in det cord?

cord, detcord, primer cord or sun cord) is a thin, flexible plastic tube usually filled with pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN, pentrite). With the PETN exploding at a rate of approximately 6,400 m/s (21,000 ft/s), any common length of detonation cord appears to explode instantaneously.

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