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Who is Vaughn Mugol?

Who is Vaughn Mugol?

Vaughn Mugol is a Filipino American singer and songwriter. He is known for participated in season 21 of singing reality show The Voice, aired on NBC. He performed in front of Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend on the show.

Is Joshua Vacanti still on The Voice?

To make way for its Final 5 artists, “The Voice” eliminated three contestants during this week’s results show: Joshua Vacanti of Team John Legend, Lana Scott of Team Blake Shelton and Jim & Sasha Allen of Team Ariana Grande.

What is Ariana giving on The Voice?

vocal health first-aid kit
First time judge Ariana Grande expressed the significance of vocal wellness and gifted her artist’s a vocal health first-aid kit to help their voices throughout the season. “As a coach, I want them to maintain healthy instruments,” she explains. “My gift this season is a lunch box.

What happened to Vaughn Mugol on The Voice?

Mugol joined team Ariana on Sept. 20 after singing Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A-Team. ‘ He was sadly eliminated on October 12 after a battle with Katherine Ann Mohler. Even though, Grande’ chose Mohler instead of him, Mugol said he was blessed just to be able to work with the famous singer.

What is Joshua Vacanti doing now?

Though he was eliminated on “The Voice,” Vacanti is pursuing a career in music. He wants to work on making an album, and said he’s already been contacted by people in the music industry in the past few weeks. “This is just the beginning,” Vacanti said, “and I can’t wait to see where I’m going.”

What will Joshua Vacanti do now?

Outside of music, Joshua works as a prevention educator where he teaches children about drug prevention and encourages them to set goals to accomplish their dreams.

How much did they pay Ariana Grande for The Voice?

$20 million to $25 million
Reports say Grande makes a whopping $20 million to $25 million as a coach on The Voice, putting her salary on par with that of Katy Perry on American Idol—and significantly higher than her fellow coaches, who typically make in the $10 million to $15 million range per season.

How much is The Voice paying Ariana?

NBC announced Grande’s addition as a coach on The Voice in March 2021. She followed the announcement by posting her own excitement on Instagram on March 30, 20201. It is reported that she is making between $20 to $25million as a coach on The Voice, and her salary is about $15 to $20million more than the other judges.

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